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About Us
Packaging Herbs at Rockhedge Herb farms Rockhedge Herb Farms have supplied Supermarkets and food sevice providers for years. Utilizing farms from Hawaii to Florida, Pennsylvania and New York, we provide fresh herbs year round. Because we own our farms we are able to provide a quality controlled product at a competitive price.

Over the decades, Rockhedge has built a solid reputation as one of America's most trusted herb farms. Rockhedge is committed to providing quality herbs in the U.S. We believe that a reputation as an honest and reliable farm is the recipe for success. Quality and price all year long.

Mike Dewyer started the Rockhedge Herb Farm a generation ago growing herbs at his Hudson Valley Farm. Mike passed away in June of '08. The managers and workers stayed working the farm for his wife. They continued with Mike's unique insight and knowledge. They carry on the tradition started at the family farm many years ago.

Rockhedge Herb Farms have a full year round supply of fresh herbs selling millions of high quality fresh herb packages a year. We grow and package for produce markets, produce repackers, food service companies, and supermarkets. Rockhedge herb farm and the herbguy farms have the best farmers in the U.S. and around the world to bring the best herbs like basil, sage, thyme, rosemary, chives, mint, and dill to our customers.

Call for contract herb pricing or for specialty packaged herbs 845-677-6726

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